About US

Pahadi Uncle is an online platform which has emerged for one purpose only – to connect local and native artisans, traders, businesses from different regions of Uttarakhand with anyone from anywhere in the world who wishes to be their customers.

Unlike the major online retailers, In the absence of an empowering market space, many small traders, handicraft artists, farmers, and people from all walks of life in the Devbhumi have faced immense difficulties till date. The fruits of their hard work gets bought off at low prices from them and sold off across the country for steep prices. Our endeavour with Pahadi Uncle is to respond to the dire need for a space where neither the sellers are exploited out of their products by the middlemen, nor the customers end up paying more for lesser quality items.

Pahadi Uncle has no business model aimed at profits for middlemen. It is purely designed to be a market space for the buyers to get direct access to pahadi sellers and for them to be paid fair and just prices.

You can buy anything that a seller wants to offer – and deal directly with them over the rate. The storeroom of Pahadi Uncle is heavily diverse. From seasonal fruits and vegetables grown only in the hills, to the lovely handicraft and handlooms from talented local artists. Even the local animals like cows, goats and other cattle’s can be found here. Whatever a pahadi seller sells, you can buy directly from them through this platform.